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Preparing adolescents & adults for B1-C2, Michigan ECCE & ECPE, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and GRE exams. Proven average exam success ratio: 9 out of 10. Lessons also provided for Senior A to D levels. All sessions are conducted in English preparation via the internet with a variety of online platforms (skype,facebook messenger, google hangouts, etc). Quick and effective hands-on approach so you can get your diploma in the shortest time possible. Speaking practice is provided for professionals who need to use English in their work (shipping, legal, sales, etc).
Educational Background: BA in English from Framingham State University, MA, USA - Post Graduate Teaching Certification by the state of Massachusetts for Middle and High School levels - Certified and Licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education

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Throughout Greece via the net (skype, hangouts, facebook messengger, etc).

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FREELANCE EFL INSTRUCTOR, Athens, September 2013 to present day. Preparing adolescents & adults for B1-C2, Michigan ECCE & ECPE, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and GRE exams. Proven average exam success ratio: 8 out of 10
FOUNDER/TEACHER, Brooks English Language Center, Lesvos, Sept. 2008-Aug. 2013. Total number of successful exam candidates: 328. Designed curricula, syllabi, test book companions, glossaries, tests and newsletters. Monitored teacher and student performance and overall school operation. Organized parent meetings, spelling-bees, educational trips and holiday related activities. Designed online report card system, online pen pal activities and an interactive website. Formed local little league baseball team
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER, Jubail Industrial College, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 2004-Oct. 2004.
HEAD OF ENGLISH DEPT., Greenhill K-12 American School, Athens, Sept. 2002-May 2004. Taught English Literature and Language to grades 7-12 (McGraw-Hill bibliography). Designed department curriculum, monitored teacher performance, held counseling meetings. Organized ‘Writer of the Month’ program, arranged small theatrical plays.
FOUNDER/TEACHER, English Language Educational Services, Hingham, MA, Sept. 1999-Aug. 2001. Taught ESL to businesses and adult professionals throughout New England. Coordinated product development and conducted professional presentations.
SUBSTITUTE ENGLISH TEACHER, American Community of Schools (A.C.S.), Athens, 1995. Periodic substituting for levels 9-12.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER, Berlitz Boston, Boston, MA, Nov. 1992-April 1993. Taught EFL to adult professionals of multiple ethnic backgrounds
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER, Marlboro Public Schools, MA, Sept. 1992-March 1993. Taught 12th grade English Literature (The Iliad)
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER, Waltham Public Schools, MA, Sept. 1991-March 1992. Taught 7th grade English Reading and Writing (McGraw-Hill series)


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